I am still buzzing about Easter last weekend!  Amazing to see what Jesus is doing in our church!

Here are some very cool things to celebrate:

  • In all nine gatherings hundreds of adults raised their hands and turned from their sin and put their trust in Jesus (this is what it is all about!)
  • Our total attendance was 6,220 people. Largest attendance in the history of New Life!
  • Between both campuses we had 1448 kids from birth to sixth grade.
  • The Maple Valley campus had 467 people. Just two years ago this campus had 30 people.
  • 127 kids turned from sin and put their trust in Jesus.
  • It took over 500 volunteers to make Easter Weekend happen.
  • People consumed 1200 free cups of coffee Easter Weekend.
  • New Life gave $20,500 to end Sex Slavery.
  • On Saturday night alone we had 1664 people.
  • Kids ministry gave away 2000 Peeps to kids. This is 168,000 calories.
  • Connection card after connection card, people said they repented of their self-righteous attitudes.
  • Connection card after connection card, people said they are making New Life their home!
  • New Life caused a traffic jam on Maple Valley and Jones road.
  • For those of who are new to New Life……welcome! Great time to become a part of the church!
  • For those of you who volunteered to make Easter happen….thank you!
  • For those of you who invited a friend….you’re amazing!!!
  • For those of you who prayed for me as your pastor….I am eternally grateful!
  • New Life…Jana and I love you!!

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