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Sunday night I was watching the news as it reported how a West Seattle gay couple was the target of an alleged hate crime.  Here is an article that provides some details.

As I watched, I was disgusted at the treatment of this gay couple by so-called “Christians.”  The news reported how the suspects slashed the tires on both men’s cars and threw two baseball-sized rocks through their windshields.

Then these suspects left a note filled with profanity.  One part of the note said ”Get the f– out of our neighborhood. The Bible says God forbids men committing indecent act [sic] with other men.”

I am SO tired of so-called “religious” people misrepresenting Jesus to this world.  SO tired and disgusted.

Here is my question to these vandals: Is this how Jesus would treat these guys?  Do you really believe Jesus would grab Peter, James and John and sneak around like junior high boys and throw rocks at this gay couple?  Do you think Jesus would slash the tires of these guys?  Do you think Jesus would act like a coward and throw a rock and run?

I want to be very clear to these vandals—if you are reading this blog—you are cowards not Christians.  Christians act like Jesus. Jesus would love these guys, spend time with them, and confront their sin with grace and truth—just like he did with all sinners—just like he does with us.  Please stop acting like you represent God.  You are cowards and criminals!

I want to say to this gay couple—as a pastor and follower of Jesus—I am sorry that cowards like this misrepresent Jesus to you.  There is no doubt you would disagree with Jesus regarding what he had to say about homosexuality, but trust me, you would find Jesus to be real and authentic.  You would feel comfortable talking to Jesus.  Again, you would disagree with some of Jesus’ teachings, but he would never leave you a note like this and run.

On a practical level… I pastor New Life Church in the Renton area.  We are sending you a check toward some of your repairs. Unexpected damage like this can cause undue stress.  I hope this money helps a bit.  Also, know our prayers are with you.

I want to say to Christians, I find it sad how we can point fingers at homosexuality but ignore the sins of adultery, lust, gossip, and backbiting in the doors of the church.  Jesus died for the sins of the world.  My sin.  Your sin.  Seattle’s sin.  Sexual sin.  Even the sin of vandalism!  Jesus is the Savior of the world.  We need to repent and turn to Him!

I have just started a new teaching series called “True Religion.” What does a true follower of Jesus look like? The moment we forget we are sinners saved by grace, we stop loving people who desperately need God’s grace and mercy.


Question: What does a true follower of Jesus look like?

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  1. Kerry Millikin says:

    That really was well-said, Troy.

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