Note: I write this post today because I have a burden for pastors.  The content is very applicable to any leader or Christ follower. But my hope is this would encourage pastors to avoid what I consider the greatest challenge in the church today.


The greatest challenge for pastors is allowing silly and worthless arguments to waste emotional energy and sidetrack the church from the mission of God.  Silly arguments side track the church more than any gross sin.

Silly arguments over Sunday School, music style, dress code, pet projects, volume of music, preaching style, how the pastor should spend his time, and the list go on and on.

Paul told Timothy, “Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels.” (2 Timothy 2:23). This may be one of the greatest pieces of wisdom I could give to a pastor or any leader–don’t waste your time on foolish and stupid arguments.

Don’t get me wrong…all these conversations need to happen but don’t let these conversations divide. Discuss but don’t divide over silly and stupid things.

The mission of the church is to partner with God in His mission to the world. Redeem mankind. Make followers of Jesus. Period. Trust me pastor, the temptation is for  ”everyone” (including yourself)  to make the church about their pet project, latest book, or newest fad.

Let me say it again—Silly arguments side track the church more than any gross sin.

Pastor, keep your church on mission.  The church is called to win people and make disciples. No matter how we word this–bottom line—if we are not making disciples of Jesus we are a social club not the thriving church God has called us to be.

How to keep the church on mission:

  • Repeat the mission over and over again. (in announcements, daily conversation, and meetings)
  • Ground the mission in Biblical theology. In other words, preach the Bible. Show your people how the mission of God is not something we made up.
  • Celebrate when your people are on mission.  Don’t celebrate programs, celebrate mission.  Big difference. What you celebrate people will repeat.
  • Make financial and facilities decisions based on your mission not the latest fad.
  • Staff around your mission, not maintenance. This blog isn’t long enough for me to talk about this..but BIG!
Pastors:   I agonize with you how easy it is to get off mission. Trust me.  But this Sunday–step up and say–2012–we are on a mission as a church. The mission of God is the driving force in our church. Not my opinion, pet project or latest fad.


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