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This has been a tough week for me. Nothing big. Just out of sorts.

I know everyone posts about the good stuff of life.  Especially pastors.  But the reality is sometimes weeks don’t go awesome!  We don’t admit it or write about it often…but sometimes you have a crappy week.

What do you do when your week is hectic? Full of disappointments? Too much going on? Not clicking with your spouse?  Kids driving you crazy?

Leaders and pastors need to stop portraying every day like it’s the most awesome day they ever lived….it’s not reality…nor would that be any fun! Some weeks are just plain normal and even hectic.

(btw pastor…stop portraying every Sunday like it’s the best Sunday and sermon you ever preached…really?…some Sundays you feel like someone just punched you in the stomach…I am not saying to throw up all over your people….but learn to be real!)

Here are 12 things I remind myself during weeks like this…..

1. Jesus is Lord…this is still true!

2. Do you remember what was bothering you a year ago? A month ago? Me neither.  This too will pass.  Keep perspective!

3.  Bad weeks are normal. This doesn’t mean life is falling apart. They are normal. What fun would life be if every week was awesome?

4. Jesus never said “perfection” I give you…He did say “Peace I give you”.

5.  Forgive quickly.

6.  Stop and listen to the gentle whisper of God.  I love to journal.  It helps me sort out my feelings and thoughts.

7.  Sleep.

8.  Don’t email or facebook things you regret…this is important..give it a few days.

9. Only vent to trusted friends. Who can you be real with?  Who do you trust?  Invest in these relationships!

10. Remember that person you are about to snap at doesn’t deserve it.

11. Laugh. Find someone to laugh with…..laughter covers over a multitude of dispointments.

12. Enjoy your humanity.  You are not a machine, you are a human being created in the image of God. You feel. You hurt. You laugh. You cry. All good.


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In December, 1997 I established what I call “Prayer and Planning” retreats.  I have done these retreats twice a year faithfully for 14 years. I get away for two nights in July and December.  These times prepare me for the fall and the new year.  I pray, plan, read Scripture, read a book, work on […] Read more

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